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hot desi girl trishna

cute girl trishna with a lucky guy

here is an itsy bitsy story that might intrest all and sundry,That sumptuous south indian dish trishna was trying to get chummy (kiss) with her fans in houston during independence day parade,a young boy all of a sudden rushed towards trishna apparently to see and meet her up close,and rammed into her,causing the beauty to fall down ( hopefully not from grace )

pretty girl trishna posing in beach

But trishna babe is known for weighing her words before uttering she took in her stride and said Yes i was knocked off my feet.and i did fall and constdering it was a 12 year old boy half my size,it did kinda take me my surprise.But I didn,t mind at all. I guess it showed the force of his love for me,"
Force of this love? Imagine sallu mian bumping into killer trishna with his force of love, what will happen then? The less think about it the less hell we shall commit


  1. is it a cute girls u would say, how ur taste is?r u old guy?

  2. she must think of insurance of her pretty legs :)

  3. i was looking for cute looking girls not crude looking girls